ttopstart offers full non-scientific project management support

PRECIOUS is a multi-national project and aims at scaling-up biodegradable nanomedicines for multimodal precision cancer immunotherapy. ttopstart offers full project management support as a partner of this consortium.

“At ttopstart, our goal is to facilitate a productive working atmosphere. With the unique skills and expertise of our programme leaders we facilitate the productivity of the PRECIOUS project. We remove the administrative burden associated with (inter)national projects, allowing our partners to focus on the work plan. ”

Setting the scene

The PRECIOUS consortium now consists of multinational academic experts from 5 leading institutes, 4 cutting-edge biotech companies and 2 excellent service providers, all committed to the vision and mission of this consortium. As project manager of this consortium we develop market research and business cases.

Collaboratoin between PRECIOUS and ttopstart

The main client (coordinator of PRECIOUS) chose ttopstart as the project manager in this project to ensure proper compliance with all EU procedures, meet all internal deadlines successfully, for smooth communication and execution of the tasks, and for continued engagement of all partners within the consortium.

How we create impact

At ttopstart, when we talk about impact we mean
more than just publishing and sharing scientific knowledge. With a true lasting impact, we want to see results implemented in healthcare, where it can make a real difference for patients and the system. The consultants and project managers at ttopstart have a great deal of experience in coordinating H2020 projects and conducting market research and developing business cases, tailored to each project. Strategically, ttopstart adds value to the PRECIOUS project while also helping the consortium meet all the requirements as set by the EC.


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‘ttopstart has always been a partner I can rely on, not only when it comes to jointly writing a grant proposal, but certainly also helping me during coordinating EU horizon multicenter projects”


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