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How we help our clients achieve meaningful impact and growth

At ttopstart, we are focused on helping our clients achieve meaningful growth and optimization of their strategic vision. This can be realized through our grants assistance, programme management, business leadership, and academic leadership services. Frequently, any given client will make use of several of our services given that we serve our clients throughout their development cycles.


How ttopstart helped writing the proposal and manages the project

At ttopstart, when we talk about impact we mean more than just publishing and sharing scientific knowledge. With a true lasting impact, we want to see results implemented in healthcare, where it can make a real difference for patients and the system. For the PRECIOUS project ttopstart offers full project management support as a partner of this consortium.

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How ttopstart helped accelerating the development of LenioBIO.

It was through the exploration of the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding between Dr. Martis of LenioBIO and ttopstart, that the idea of scalability was validated for LenioBio. Being encouraged to think about the craziest possible ambitions and having these ideas stress-tested is what caused a pivot for LenioBio to move from being solely a kit provider for R&D applications, to scaled industrial applicability.

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How ttopstart helps OPTIMA focusing on internal and external engagement

To translate the ideas of the OPTIMA consortium into a solution with impact, long-term strategic relations are required that acknowledge context and focus. Full compliance with relevant guidelines is a prerequisite towards success. To help OPTIMA with this, we create smart paths towards a sustainable impact that will accelerate the OPTIMA platform.

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How ttopstart focuses on management, coordination, dissemination, and sustainabililty

Immune-Image is an IMI-funded project that aims to set up a sustainable and flexible platform for molecular imaging of immune cell dynamics using a broad range of novel tracer strategies. We lead the engagement and the sustainability & exploitation activities in the work package and we support with the external communication tasks.

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