ttopstart focuses on management, coordination, dissemination and sustainability

Immune-Image is an IMI-funded project that aims to set up a sustainable and flexible platform for molecular imaging of immune cell dynamics using a broad range of novel tracer strategies.

ttopstart is part of WP1 which focuses on management, coordination, dissemination and sustainability. We lead the engagement and the sustainability & exploitation activities in the work package and we support with the external communication tasks.

Read the interview with Bert Windhorst, project coordinator

Immune-Image’s mission

Immunotherapies, which harness the immune system to fight disease, are revolutionising the treatment of many cancers and inflammatory diseases. However, while these innovative treatments prove lifesaving for some patients, others do not respond to immunotherapies at all, and others experience serious side effects.

The 6,5-year Immune-Image project aims to pioneer the use of non-invasive imaging technologies to track the activity of immune cells in the body. Ultimately, the project will make it easier to predict how patients will respond to treatment and monitor their progress during treatment.

Immune-Image has received a EUR 27 million budget; of this, EUR 15 million comes from Horizon 2020 via IMI, and EUR 12 million comes from the EFPIA companies involved in the project. The 22 project partners include EFPIA companies, universities, university hospitals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and a patient organisation.


Within Immune-Image new immunotracers will enable smart monitoring of immunotherapies and widespread usage of a personalised medicine approach. To create lasting change within the Immune-Image project and to drive engagement and sustainability, we start with the end in mind. Ultimately, we want to transfer knowledge into practical imaging technologies, so we already prepare for these next steps at the beginning of the project.


Prior to the start of Immune-Image, we helped to identify and analyse the right stakeholders by evaluating their needs. Following the stakeholder analysis, we worked together with the partners from the project on a strategic plan so that all stakeholders were fully engaged and informed. We focus on the execution of the communication and dissemination activities and the project sustainability. This includes a long-term roadmap for sustainability and regular evaluation of the communication & dissemination plan.


The project started in October 2019, and it will last 78 months. So far, our team has created a communication and dissemination strategy, engagement strategy, first sustainability plan and now we are working on implementing it – social media communication, participation in events, public engagement, stakeholder analysis and more.


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“To achieve our goals, we assembled a strategic consortium: chemists, biologists, immunologists, physicists, physicians and information technologists. These partners collaboratively design, synthesize and evaluate new tracers for imaging effects of immunotherapies and create sustainable molecular imaging techniques.”


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