The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI)

Accelerating cross-sectoral discoveries in disease areas with a high burden on patients and society

The 2.4 billion Euro European Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) aims for more cooperation across sector boundaries. Parties in Pharma, Medtech, BioTech, AI and imaging will work together with patients. Finding the right partners for your IHI proposal can be challenging. With more than 10 years of experience, ttopstart can help you.

IHI challenges

There is an urgent need for an innovative, more integrated approach to health research and healthcare. Future breakthroughs in medical science will involve cross-sectoral discoveries, such as medical device/drug combinations or diagnostics based on artificial intelligence.

The number of participating sector organisations in IHI is, therefore, larger and broader than in IMI. In addition to the main IMI partner EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) new partners Vaccines Europe, COCIR (medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT and electromedical industries), EuropaBio (biotechnology industry) and MedTech Europe (medical technology industry) will co-fund the programme.

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“ttopstart has more than 12 years of experience in bringing the right partners together, in particular in IMI and this year IHI projects. My advice: start on time, start now!”


How can we help you

We strongly believe in IHI’s strategy to further cross-sectoral innovations, which in the end will have a real and sustainable impact on patient and patient care. But how do you find the right consortium partners in these sectors that are still often isolated? How do you ensure that you are at the right table on time? How do you align your goals with those of others?’  ttopstart has more than 12 years of experience in bringing together partners, in particular in IMI and this year iHI projects.  We developed a set of ‘best practices’ to keep all your consortium partners engaged and focused on the real impact for patients. Have a look at our client stories


The end of October, IHI published draft topics, which will help you to start on time to work on your proposal and look for partners.
Single-stage calls:

  • Improving clinical management of heart disease from early detection to treatment;
  • User-centric technologies and optimised hospital workflows for a sustainable healthcare workforce;
  • Clinical validation of biomarkers for diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and treatment response.

Two-stage calls

  • Support healthcare system resilience through a focus on persistency in the treatment of chronic diseases
  • Development of practical guidance and recommendations for using real world data/real world evidence in healthcare decision-making.

IHI will run open, competitive Calls for proposals. It will continue to publish draft topic texts before the Call launch to give applicants additional time to work on proposals.

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    Client stories


    is a multi-national project and aims at scaling-up biodegradable nanomedicines for multimodal precision cancer immunotherapy.


    aims to improve treatment for patients with cancer through artificial intelligence.


    is an IMI-funded project that aims to set up a sustainable and flexible platform for molecular imaging of immune cell dynamics using a broad range of novel tracer strategies.