The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)

High quality research projects for key players in the life sciences

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is a collaboration between the European Union and the European pharmaceutical industry and is currently in its second phase (IMI2). They aim to improve health by speeding up the development of (and patient access to) innovative medicines like vaccines, medicines and treatments.

Scope of the project

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is working to improve health by speeding up the development of, and patient access to, innovative medicines, particularly in areas where there is an unmet medical or social need. It does so by facilitating collaboration between the key players involved in healthcare research.


IMI2 is all about collaboration between key players in life sciences research and includes not only knowledge institutes (like universities or research centers) and pharmaceutical companies, but also SMEs, patient organizations, and medicines regulators.

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“By helping scientists and startups develop the right type of project, the right strategy or even a slightly different type of story, we give them the opportunity to do what they do best – innovate. In doing so, we can help them to make the world a slightly better place.”


The objectives of IMI

The goals of the projects of IMI are to:

  • improve the current drug development process
  • develop diagnostic and treatment biomarkers for diseases
  • reduce the time to reach clinical proof of concept in medicine development
  • increase the success rate in clinical trials of priority medicines
  • develop new therapies for diseases
  • reduce the failure rate of vaccine candidates in phase III clinical trials


Why apply for IMI2?

IMI2 is the largest public-private partnership (PPP) of Europe in the life sciences. Consortia are usually granted between €1 and €25 million! IMI2 projects deliver the highest-quality research, which is reflected by the citation impact that is nearly twice the EU average. By applying for an IMI2 grant, you are applying for a diverse international community with different types of key players in the life sciences.

Application process

Most IMI2 calls follow a two-stage application process. After the call text has been published, there is a pre-proposal application deadline that allow you to form a consortium and submit a short proposal. Next, only the top-rated application per topic are invited to form a full consortium together with the EFPIA/Associated Partner consortium behind that topic and prepare the full proposal. Conveniently, IMI2 usually publishes future topics early on, which gives you the opportunity to start forming your idea and consortium early too.

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