New project: ONCOVALUE

ttopstart will support in sustainability and project management activities for ONCOVALUE, an AI-powered real-world data project for cancer therapies.

The prevalence of cancer and costs of treatment are increasing worldwide. Yet while novel cancer therapies are constantly being developed, the efficacy of new therapies and regulatory clearance is often based on small studies with relatively little evidence for true value in terms of outcome, quality of life and cost-effectiveness. As a result, physicians and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) authorities often lack information they need to make evidence-based choices and move towards value-based healthcare.


The ONCOVALUE project, funded by EU’s Horizon Europe programme and led by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), will offer next-generation tools and methods for the evaluation of real-time benefits of novel cancer therapies. With the use powerful AI technologies, unstructured data originating from medical notes and medical images can be transformed into structured data to enable analytics and real world evidence (RWE). This RWE can be directly available for clinicians for treatment management and for health regulatory and HTA bodies to support the decision making on the value of novel cancer therapies.

The impact of the project is based not only on technology and tools but also on the ability and skills of organisations to use and analyse the data. To ensure successful implementation of the developed guidelines and methodologies, specialised trainings will be offered for the collection, management, and analysis of real world evidence across European cancer centres.

By opening the door to widespread RWD regulatory and HTA integration, ONCOVALUE will lead to safer, more effective and affordable treatments, technologies, and digital solutions for (personalised) cancer care.

This is what HUS said in a statement. In the long term, the implementation of value-based cancer care at European cancer hospitals will aid in reducing the growing burden of cancer treatment in the EU and worldwide.

The consortium

The consortium consists of several leading European cancer hospitals and industry partners specialised in artificial intelligence, machine learning and communication. Over the four-year project span, approximately 40,000 European patients will participate from hospitals in the consortium each year. ttopstart supported the consortium with proposal writing. Together with partner CiaoTech, ttopstart will provide project management and coordination support for the next four years, as well as sustainability activities to ensure the long-term impact of the project.

‘ONCOVALUE aims to boost the ability of hospitals within the EU to collect real-world data (RWD) to gauge the effectiveness of novel cancer therapies.



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