One step closer to implementation of an extensive DNA test by ttopstart’s partner HMF

30 December 2020

Last week Nature published the paper “Pan-cancer whole genome analyses of metastatic solid tumors”. In this study, a team of leading Dutch scientists have created, for the first time, a detailed overview of the landscape of DNA-deviations in thousands of metastatic tumors. The publication shows that the extensive DNA test of Hartwig Medical Foundation identifies treatment options in 62% of patients, confirming the value of comprehensive genomic tumor profiling in precision oncology.   

About the research

Edwin Cuppen, scientific director of Hartwig Medical Foundation, and colleagues used Whole Genome Sequencing to analyze more than 2500 tumor samples from 2399 patients with cancer and compared the genomes with those of healthy blood cells from the same patients. Their findings complement other whole-genome analyses of primary tumors, but, importantly, identify novel drivers of cancer and genetic ‘hotspots’ for mutations. The study demonstrates biomarkers that relate to treatment responsiveness or resistance in individual patients and supports identification of target-specific characteristics of individual tumors. Strikingly, genetic variants that may be used to stratify towards personalized treatment or clinical research therapies were identified in 62% of the patients. This demonstrates the added value of comprehensive genomic tumor profiling in treatment selection for cancer patients. The study was conducted in a unique Dutch initiative, driven by a nation-wide participation of 49 hospitals, the Centre for Personalize Cancer Treatment (CPCT) and Hartwig Medical Foundation. >> Link to the full research report >> Link to HMF website

Long term collaboration with ttopstart

At ttopstart, we believe that progress in patient care is driven by disruptive healthcare innovations. We know the extensive DNA test of Hartwig Medical Foundation is such a game-changing innovation. Therefore for almost 3 years we have a strategic collaboration in place in which we support Hartwig Medical Foundation on their journey for which the current Nature Publication is an important step. We aim to accelerate the implementation of this clinical decision support system through amongst others grant development and project management. Martijn Wilmer, Senior Project Manager at ttopstart: “As ttopstart, we are proud to have a long-term relation with Hartwig Medical Foundation and I compliment their research team with this recent game-changing Nature publication. It is fantastic to see the mounting scientific evidence for the added value of Whole Genome Sequencing in clinical practice, which also includes the recent data for the Drug Rediscovery Protocol. We will continue to support Hartwig Medical Foundation within ongoing projects for key partnerships of Hartwig Medical Foundation, where we provide project management support and focus on the engagement within their consortia and the sustainability of the projects using life-cycle thinking.”

Project Management at ttopstart

ttopstart’s project management services create impact by driving engagement and sustainability. To crack current scientific challenges, long-term strategic relationships across different disciplines are essential. Project-based funding is however confined in terms of budget and time. Hence, to drive lasting change, transcending strategies are needed that create engagement and sustainability. Our project management approach uses a professional framework to realize impact from research: • Create engagement, both internally and externally: We build long-term synergetic relationships and guide interfacing with key stakeholders • Use life cycle thinking to empower lasting change: We lay out smart paths towards ultimate impact • Provide context and focus on long-term goals: We co-create and support the implementation of transcending strategies Do you want to learn more on our project management services with a focus on engagement and sustainability? You can contact Arno Schoevaars by sending an e-mail to

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