Our expectations on when we will be eating cultured meat

11 November 2021

When will we be eating cultured meat? In this blog we tell you our expectations.

Cultured meat companies have been optimistic in social media about when they will be able to enter the market. Years have passed by, and the question arises: “When will we be eating cultured meat?”. Recently, the first cultured meat product, lab-grown chicken under the name of GOOD Meat developed by Eat Just, has been approved in Singapore. The chicken nugget is now available at a Singapore restaurant, retailing at around $17 for a set mail. The question still arises, when these more sustainable options will be widely available for us as consumers. Based on our collected data, can we predict when we will be eating cultured meat?

Our expectations

Honestly, we cannot exactly predict when we will be eating cultured meat. For our projections, we focused on the pricing of beef. If cultured meat companies are indeed able to scale-up the production in the next couple of years, the most realistic scenario is that they will be able to sell their premium cultured beef to the more high-end restaurants (~20 EUR/150g). Depending on scale-up speed, they may be able to lower the price and first offer their cultured beef to lower end restaurants (12-16 EUR/150g) followed by the supermarkets (3-4 EUR/150g). We expect that we could be eating cultured meat in the EU as early adopters in restaurants 2-3 years from now and that we can buy cultured meat in the supermarkets by 2027 (see figure). As consumers, we can do one thing to help: the willingness to pay a higher price for a better world.

We make the complex simple

We at ttopstart are at our best navigating in complex markets with many dependencies. We deal with challenging environments on a regular basis, and we are excited to help companies make the complex simple and create a context for decision making.

Cultures meat ttopstart expectations

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