Building capacity for project success

Our capacity-building service is grounded in extensive experience and tailored training programs designed to address the critical needs observed in research projects. We have developed comprehensive training programs targeting key stakeholders such coordinators and project managers. Recognizing that experience is paramount in navigating these complexities, we aim to bridge knowledge gaps and transfer essential skills to ensure project success. By equipping your team with essential skills and knowledge, we empower your projects to achieve true success.

How can we support you?

Our approach to capacity-building goes beyond one-off trainings. We offer meticulously crafted modules designed to address the specific needs of each client. You have the flexibility to select and prioritize topics that align with your goals. Additionally, depending on your requirements, you can opt for standalone trainings or combine them with hands-on support from our team. This collaborative approach ensures practical application and skill development, empowering your team to confidently manage and excel in EU-funded projects.

Our capacity-building initiatives cater to two distinct groups. We help to foster new generation of coordinators, whereas we provide comprehensive guidance on, for example, their project responsibilities, expectations from grant authorities, and how to effectively collaborate within the project team.

We also aim to support organizations in building successful project management teams. For project managers, whether they are new to EU projects or transitioning from national projects, we offer specialized training to excel in their day-to-day roles. Our hands-on approach ensures practical application and mastery of essential topics, fostering confidence and success in managing EU-funded projects.


  • Performing market studies
  • Developing exploitation & dissemination plans
  • Developing business cases and models
  • Finalizing business plans

ttopstart acts as a helpdesk for project coordination and also to perform capacity building of project partners and our own in-house Project Manager. This has been really helpful in terms of supporting the development of the project management plan for the grant, and in particular giving advice on financial management issues.


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