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Durable innovation and impact in life sciences and healthcare requires looking beyond the boundaries of a project coupled with effective communication and dissemination.

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Our ‘Programme Leadership’ brochure contains relevant insights on how to manage your project with focus on sustainable impact. Find out how you create impact and manage your EU funded project.

    Project management

     Simplifying success for your consortium, we offer tailored EU project management solutions to fit your specific needs, from peak support to full project monitoring. Our expertise ensures comprehensive management, allowing you to focus on the research and achieving your project’s objectives while we handle the complexities.


    Sustainability plans

    Ensuring project sustainability means enabling continued progress and impactful results beyond the funding period, a critical requirement for EU-funded research projects. Leveraging our in-house research and expertise, we help develop robust sustainability plans, guiding you through challenges to ensure your project’s long-term success and lasting impact.


    Capacity building

    Our capacity-building service offers tailored training programs to empower coordinators and project managers in EU-funded projects, bridging knowledge gaps and ensuring project success through practical skill development. We provide flexible modules that cater to your specific needs, allowing you to choose standalone trainings or combine them with hands-on support for comprehensive skill enhancement.

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    Other services

    Besides our Programme Leadership services to help manage your project, ttopstart helps you to create impact by offering the following services.