Plan for sustaining your project’s results

Ensuring the sustainability of a project means securing its ability to continue making progress even after the funding period ends, ultimately allowing the results to reach patients and make a tangible impact. As a mandatory deliverable for most of EU-funded research projects, sustainability plans require particular attention from the very beginning. However, we know that only a few projects actually sustain themselves post-funding. Our in-house research has delved into these challenges, identifying common pitfalls and learning valuable lessons. With this knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to help you develop robust sustainability plans, ensuring your project’s long-term success and meaningful contributions. Let us add value by guiding you through the complexities of sustaining your project’s impact beyond its initial funding.

How can we support you?

Our tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific sustainability needs, whether that entails a concise description of future plans or a fully developed strategy for sustaining project results. We leverage both our in-house methodologies and well-known methods used in strategic consultancy to provide comprehensive support. Our expertise ensures the creation of sustainability strategies that offer clear, actionable plans. These plans can serve as e.g., the foundation for establishing a legal entity, securing future research funding, and more. By partnering with us, you’ll receive a robust sustainability plan that guarantees your project continues to thrive and make a lasting impact long after the initial funding period has concluded.

“Within the IMI-project Immune-Image, we support the researchers in transferring the project’s developments into sustainable outputs beyond the funded action. We identify, develop, validate and scope the sustainable scenarios that are potentially viable for Immune-Image, and match these to the current market opportunities where there is complementary value. As part of the sustainability strategy, we involve patients in the form of a patient panel, where they provide an honest and important perspective that elevates the quality of the project.”


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