Creating Lasting Partnerships – Successful Horizon Europe Project Management part 3

21 November 2020

This is the third article in a series about how to create successful and sustainable projects, by ensuring a well-functioning consortia and fruitful partnerships.

In the two previous articles we looked at the added value of having involved partners and stakeholders. In this article we take a deeper look at the importance of creating lasting partnerships.

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In this video, our Project Managers Karin and Femke explain why creating lasing partnerships is important, and they give you 3 steps to establish lasting partnerships in your research project:

Why is lasting partnerships important?

In consortium partnerships, you bring together different areas of expertise and through this cooperation you can solve a set of predetermined challenges or problems. Successful partnerships can also foster new ideas, so you can develop ongoing projects together.

True and long-lasting partnerships will help you build a sustainable project structure. Therefore, creating lasting partnerships is one of the four key elements we have identified for successful delivery of your research project. With our focus on lasting partnerships, we work towards creating an environment within the consortium were goals and objectives are aligned. We create a framework were all partners can benefit from the cooperation and were 1+1 equals 3.

How to establish a lasting partnership in research projects; 3 important steps:

  1. Pertinent governance: Especially in projects that include large consortia, it is important to have a set governance system. This system is based on equal rights and include managing boards to establish the decision-making processes;
  2. Responsibility-oriented progress management: Management of the tasks and results that should be delivered by each partner is best based on setting clear responsibilities. It should be explained what the results should be and when to deliver;
  3. Fit for purpose leadership styles: Within a consortia, there are multicultural values, purposes- and roots of the organisation, In addition there are also many personalities; each partner has their own identity and therefore leadership styles may have to be adapted to come to the same results between partners.

Establishing true and long-lasting partnerships can be challenging. At ttopstart, we have the experience and expertise to create sustainable partnerships that will add true value to the project, and perhaps create opportunities for further collaborations.

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