“As a consultant it is my job to build the best project possible together with my client”

4 December 2020

At ttopstart we work in an international team of creative innovators. In our series ‘Meet the ttopstart team’ we will introduce you to our colleagues; from consultants to programme leaders, business developers and directors. Since last year Teresa Calafat Pla is working as a consultant at ttopstart and she already became a dear member of the ttopstart family. We love her sparkling personality and like you to meet her as well. We interviewed Teresa about her passion, her love for her job, her childhood and her values. 

Can you please describe yourself briefly?

“I am a very social and open person. What gives me energy is to be surrounded by nice and fun people and to share moments and experiences. I love spending time outside with friends and family and I enjoy nature, food and travelling.”

Your favourite quote:

”What goes around comes around.”

What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position?

“I did my masters in Neuroscience for which I did research at both academic and industrial sites. After my studies I was not able to get a position in Pharma due to my lack of experience and ttopstart offered me great opportunity to start my career.”

What is your role at ttopstart?

“I am a consultant, and my job is to build the best project possible together with our clients. Every project and every client is different, and I have to be able to adapt, but the most important thing is to be trusted. We spend a lot of time discussing how a winning project should look like and to define together the bigger picture and final impact of their research. I really like it when we – consultant and client – get creative and co-create.”

The end of the Onboarding programma with class A

What do you like most about working at ttopstart?

”The best of this job is that is very diverse, I get to do many different activities such as strategic planning, creative thinking, writing, client management, pitching, etc. Besides, I get to be in touch with the latest scientific developments in the field of life sciences and interact with the key leaders. In turn, this allows me to grow professionally and develop transferable skills that are value for every job or position. On top of that, the colleagues that I work with make my days enjoyable as we work together in an a young, fun and animated environment.”

What is your background?

“I grew up in a small city next to Barcelona in a family of 5 and many pets. My best friends have been with me practically since we were born, and our weekends consisted in walks in nature and endless talks. I studied Biology because science was always present at home through my parents, aunts and uncles. My mom taught me to take every opportunity to learn from different cultures, so since I am 10 I have been in different small adventures around Europe to learn languages, to study or for internships. My mum is definitely my role model, and I dream one day I will get to her level.”

Last year we went on a dream trip with my family to Japan

What are the values that drive you?

“I believe in treating everyone as you would like to be treated, in doing what truly makes you happy and in not taking yourself too seriously. I think this motto fits well in a job that can be stressful at times, where we interact with many different stakeholders and work with people who are top-notch in their field but also with young researchers. Our industry is full of extremely brilliant people, and it can be even more enjoyable if all of us appreciate each other more.”

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

“My favourite things to do is anything with friends and family, but specially hanging out, cooking, dancing, travelling, and doing fun or sport activities. I miss the Spanish summer as I love to swim in the ocean, having dinner during the warm summer nights and playing with my family pets.”

After 3 years living in Utrecht, my best friends finally visited me

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“As a consultant it is my job to build the best project possible together with my client.

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