Looking back at a successful ERC webinar


10 July 2024

In May, ttopstart has organized an informative webinar about ERC application procedures for individual research grants, our best practices and our services to inform potential ERC candidates in the run-up to the deadlines in summer/autumn 2024. During this webinar we have discussed the requirements for ERC Starting, Consolidator, Advanced and Synergy Grant applications and touched upon common challenges faced by ERC candidates, as well as there was room for the attendees to ask questions. Thanks to the broad dissemination of the ERC webinar within the PNO network, in particular thanks to our colleagues from PNO Portugal, we welcomed ~30 attendees from all over Europe. These attendees were future ERC candidates with a diverse scientific background aiming to apply for various levels of ERC grants, as well as grant officers/research managers attended the webinar. We look back at an inspiring first ERC webinar, and hope we can support the attendees by future ERC applications.

Please note that the ERC Work Programme and indicative call deadlines are announced by the ERC:  ERC Work Programme 2025 adopted | ERC (europa.eu). Do you have any questions about preparing an ERC proposal, our best practices or our services, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our consultants at ttopstart via: erc@ttopstart.com

Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I select my panel?

  • Most projects (and careers) are interdisciplinary and could fit into more than one of the ERC panels. We advise to choose the panel in which your proposal is most disruptive and innovative.
  • You have the opportunity to submit your proposal to more than one panel, including a primary and a secondary panel, which is only beneficial if your project really cannot be understood in all its parts by one panel alone.
  • By choosing one panel, you have a better handle on your audience, and can adjust the level of detail in your proposal to them, assuring the message will get across.

How to include bibliography in the scientific ERC proposal?

  • Use your bibliography to showcase:
    • Your own scientific achievements (g., including relevant techniques, preliminary data, in your field of expertise)
    • Why this ERC proposal is so timely (g., recent Nature publications/discoveries etc.).
    • Refer to these publications in the text of the proposal (besides highlighting them in your track-record).

What mindset to have when applying for an ERC?

  • Use your proposal as an opportunity to establish a new research line
  • In your thought process: please avoid the “what can I do to fill-in this proposal and match the deadline”?
    • Proposal needs maturity
    • Prepare your project to feel comfortable during your project
  • Unlock a disruptive innovation mindset in the conceptual phase
  • Remember: writing is an iterative process
  • Don’t hesitate to form a core team around you with your colleagues and supervisors to get a regular feedback on your project ideas

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