Exciting insights and connections at WEON2024: a recap from the Epidemiology and Planetary Health Conference

10 July 2024

By Simona Čaputová

We are thrilled to share that our team had the privilege of attending the WEON2024 Epidemiology and Planetary Health Conference in Zeist, organized by our esteemed client, Prof. Rick Grobbee and the Julius Center. This conference brought together leading minds and innovators in the fields of epidemiology and planetary health, and it was an incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in the latest research and trends.

Our team members, Stefanie Schütte, Marc Derieppe, Martha Gilbert, and I, had a fantastic time engaging with the vibrant community of experts and professionals. We attended numerous enlightening sessions that covered a wide range of topics, from cutting-edge epidemiological research to groundbreaking developments in planetary health. Each session provided us with invaluable insights and sparked meaningful discussions that we are eager to bring back to our work at ttopstart.

The speakers eloquently showcased the important contribution and potential of epidemiology in planetary health “to help making sense and generate scientific insights in the distributions of health and disease and their determinants in a changing environment,” as our client, Prof. Grobbee, aptly put it. This quote perfectly encapsulates the essence of the conference and the vital role epidemiology plays in addressing the challenges posed by our changing environment. We will remember the strong sense of advocacy in the keynote lectures overall, which underscored the urgency and importance of our collective efforts in this field.

One of the highlights was the chance to reconnect with familiar faces and forge new connections with fellow attendees. The atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm and collaboration, reminding us of the power of shared knowledge and collective effort in advancing our field.

At our booth, we had the pleasure of discussing how ttopstart can support researchers and organizations in formulating impactful research strategies, identifying funding opportunities, and managing research projects. It was a wonderful experience to meet so many passionate individuals and explore potential collaborations.

A big thank you to Prof. Grobbee and the Julius Center for hosting such a remarkable event. We are inspired by the dedication and innovation we witnessed and are excited to integrate these new insights into our work.

If you missed us at the conference but would like to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s continue the conversation and explore how we can work together to make a meaningful impact.

”Each session provided us with invaluable insights and sparked meaningful discussions that we are eager to bring back to our work at ttopstart.”


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