Mergers, acquisition, valuation and due dilligence

Setting a fair value for your company

Setting a predetermined and fair valuation range for innovative healthcare and life sciences companies ensures aligned expectations between stakeholders, easier negotiations and a strong future fundraising position.

A fair valuation of a company becomes important when changes in shareholder structure are on the table. Especially for healthcare and life sciences innovations, valuation can be challenging as new drugs or products require years of expensive development, with pivotal clinical stages, before they reach the market and become profitable. A predetermined value range will ensure aligned expectations between stakeholders and simplify negotiations. Moreover, setting a fair value, rather than the highest value possible, ensures that in the long run the company will retain a strong fundraising position.

Valuation services

ttopstart offers valuation services for healthcare and life sciences companies. By combining our in-depth sector knowledge with corporate finance expertise, we are able to determine the fair value of a company. We use industry-accepted methodologies, including the risk-adjusted Net Present Value, scenario and sensitivity analysis on key business drivers and company comparables. Our valuation services can be provided stand-alone but are most valuable when integrated with our services for business strategy or due diligence.

Due dilligence

Due diligence is crucial when engaging in a potential investment. In a due diligence process, the provided information is investigated to assess the viability of the potential investment. An external due diligence can reassure investors and prevent unpleasant surprises in later stages. 

What we do

ttopstart offers due diligence support for innovative healthcare and life sciences companies in the areas of technology, finance, and business. By combining our in-depth sector knowledge with corporate finance expertise, we can act as an external partner in the due diligence process.

We have vast experience in assessing business cases, IP and business strategy of innovative healthcare and life sciences companies, resulting in a unique and accumulated understanding of the industry. We have supported companies from spin-off to post-IPO and developed methodologies along the way that help us to identify gaps in business cases at an early stage.

“I believe that a lot of great ideas and innovations do not survive the ‘valley of death’ because they lack a strong business case. I would like to help these great ideas and innovations not only to survive, but to prosper in the future.”


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