Funding database

Finding the right grant: like a needle in a haystack

Access to funding is a crucial factor for innovation in life sciences. However, finding relevant subsidies is often regarded as a challenging task by many researchers and entrepreneurs.

The first critical part of any successful funding application is finding a grant call that matches your goals and ambitions perfectly. With growingly complex funding schemes and hundreds of calls every year, this can sometimes feel like finding a needle in an haystack.

The Life Sciences Funding Database

The Life Sciences Funding Database contains all the relevant funding opportunities, including subsidies, grants and attractive fiscal arrangements. The database is applicable for both academia and SMEs involved in in the broad field of life sciences (medical, agro-food and industrial).

“We have noticed that finding suitable funding opportunities is very challenging for life sciences entrepreneurs. The subsidy and fiscal landscape is complex and ever-changing. This funding database is of great help for those who are struggling to find their way in the “subsidy jungle”.

–  Sietske Zagers, Managing Director of ttopstart

HollandBIO & ttopstart

The Life Science Funding Database is a cooperation between HollandBIO and ttopstart. HollandBIO, the Dutch biotech industry association, actively looks after the sector’s – and specifically its members’ interests. The life sciences funding database is part of the HollandBIO Business Solutions, dedicated to supporting start-ups and SMEs.

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