Impactful Funding

How to turn your innovations into real impact.

Funding is an important accelerator of science and R&D. However, it can be challenging to get the right funds that fit your aspirations. ttopstart aids in building funding strategies and acquiring funds, both dilutive (e.g. VC funding) and non-dilutive (e.g. grants, subsidies, loans).

“My key goals are to help clients extract maximum societal impact from their innovations, empower and strategically guide biomedical researchers, and strengthen the European research landscape by ensuring pioneering academics are rewarded with funding.”

– Andrea Slot, MSc – Consultant

Funding for fundamental science

ttopstart aids in acquiring funds for long-term investments in infrastructure, people and ideas. Together, we advance our fundamental understanding of biology, health, disease, materials and many of the other enigmas of life.



Funding for translational science

We expedite the discovery and development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, digital health solutions, novel classes of (bio)materials, clinical insights, and research tools. We do this by fitting funding opportunities and building winning grant proposals.


Funding for start-ups

ttopstart helps to kick-start new biotech and medtech ventures. We co-design and implement a balanced funding strategy that consists of dilutive and non-dilutive options, including subsidies, loans, and equity investments.


Funding for scale-ups

We aid in developing corporate finance strategies that accelerate the growth of your company and align with your projected exit, value-creation model and R&D milestones.

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Our ‘Impactful Funding’ brochure contains relevant insights on how to build your funding strategy and acquire funds. Find out how you can turn your innovations into real impact.

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    Other services

    Besides our Impactful Funding services to help building funding strategies and acquiring funds, ttopstart helps you to create impact by offering the following services.