Funding for fundamental science

Long-term investments in infrastructure, people and ideas

ttopstart aids in acquiring funds for long-term investments in infrastructure, people and ideas. Together, we advance our fundamental understanding of biology, health, disease, materials and many of the other enigmas of life.

Stable research funding that allows for long-term investments in infrastructure, people and ideas is crucial for fundamental research and the ultimate advancements of science. The pinnacles of fundamental research funding are formed by the grants of the European Research Council (ERC) and large-scale country specific investments in science such as the Dutch Zwaartekracht programme. Fundamental research can however be funded in many other ways as well and typically requires a more comprehensive and strategic approach covering national and international funding schemes.

ttopstart follows the FFWD methodology to drive fundamental research.

“For me, it is important that our clients feel truly valued and supported in bringing their ideas forward.”



We start from your vision of the future and jointly plot a path towards that horizon. Together, we assess your strengths and what investments are needed in infrastructure and people. This helps to identify the best fitting funding opportunities.


We take pride in our ability to make fundamental research projects better by improving them in terms of coherence, feasibility, risk balance and formulation of central research questions. For this, we leverage our diverse academic backgrounds and broad professional experience in scientific proposals across many fields.


Developing a narrative that is convincing, authentic and understandable, while resonating excellence is a particular challenge. Over the years, we have developed a set of writing skills and techniques particularly suited for scientific proposals.


Even in fundamental research, perspectives on future impact are becoming more and more important. We aid in designing projects such that long-term visions are inherently balanced with concrete impacts.

On top of the above, we offer interview training to help you pitch your vision to the panel.

Relevant infrastructures and grants

  • European Research Infrastructures (ERI) and networks such as ESFRI, EFSI, ESI, ERIC, GSO, EOSC, EIROforum, ERF-AISBL and GSF
  • European Research Council grants (ERC)
  • EIC Pathfinder – previously known as Future Emerging Technologies (FET) OPEN
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie ActionsInnovative Training Network (ITN), Individual Fellowships (IF) and COFUND Actions.
  • Country & region specific programmes such as Veni/Vidi/Vici (NL), SNSF (CH).

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    Relevant grants and programmes