Funding for scale-ups

We co-develop your corporate finance strategy

ttopstart aids in developing corporate finance strategies that accelerate the growth of your company and align with your projected exit, value-creation model and R&D milestones.

Typically, large amounts of capital are needed to scale a biotech or medtech venture. As a C-level executive, you have to implement and refine the company’s strategy and manage the priorities and exit windows of a range of investors. Especially when employing hybrid business models, developing platform technologies, and creating value through multifaceted partnerships, this can become very complex.

We take pride in our FFWD methodology that provides focus and maximizes success in the process of funding scale ups:


As a first step, we explore your mission & vision, your lead and follow-up products, scaling strategy and value-creation model. To develop and refine your funding strategy, we start from your key R&D and market milestones and explore which partnership(s) and funding instrument(s) best fit the next step(s). The FIT step ensures a comprehensive funding strategy with a clear focus on funding opportunities that meet your needs and for which you are truly competitive.


Together, we co-create a winning project that addresses the purpose of the selected funding opportunity and will be well received by evaluators. Specifically, we take a deep dive to extract a clear and urgent need description and a convincing proposition. Where needed, we can leverage our network to establish novel partnerships. In addition, we ensure the project is feasible and has maximum impact.


Developing a narrative that is convincing, authentic and understandable, while also resonating breakthrough potential is a particular challenge. Over the years, we have developed a set of writing skills and techniques that are particularly suited for business proposals.


Any proposal should include a clear and well-founded business strategy and project management  structure. 

“No matter how expert someone is in their field, gaining multiple perspectives is always beneficial.”


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We support you in preparing, designing, and winning a research grant for your scale-up. Let us know what your craziest ideas are as we are eager to realise them together.

    Relevant grants and programmes

    Beyond venture capital and private equity, we support in mezzanine financing and exit opportunities. Interesting non-dilutive funding opportunities for biomedical scale-ups include: