Funding for translational science

Development or discovery of new diagnostic tools, techniques or therapies

ttopstart expedites the discovery and development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, digital health solutions, novel classes of (bio)materials, clinical insights, and research tools. We do this by fitting funding opportunities and building winning grant proposals.

The fight against diseases that dramatically affect our lives, such as cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s, requires scientific breakthroughs as artillery. Novel materials, advanced understanding of molecular biology and immunology, imaging and artificial intelligence form key ammunition. Yet, creating novel ground-breaking therapies, diagnostics and/or improved clinical workflows from these cannot happen overnight and are very costly.

The European Commission, national governments and a plethora of other funding organisations have committed their funds to advance healthcare through translational research. ttopstart follows the FFWD methodology to acquire those funds for your projects.

“The impact of research is actually determined by what happens with it.”



We start from your ambitions and explore which partnership and funding instrument best fits the next step in your research. Where necessary, we aid in setting up public-private partnerships. This step ensures we both focus our efforts on proposals that are truly competitive.


Together we co-create a winning project. Specifically, we take a deep dive to extract a clear and urgent need description and a convincing proposition. In addition, we ensure the project is feasible and has maximum impact. 


Developing a narrative that is convincing, authentic and understandable, while resonating breakthrough potential is a particular challenge. Over the years, we have developed a set of writing skills and techniques that are particularly suited for scientific proposals.


Especially in translational research, perspectives on future impact are crucial. We aid in designing the visions and actions that ensure true impact from your project.

Together these steps contribute to our exceptional track record, that for some funding programmes exceeds 90%. We are particularly proud of our performance in the most complex programmes, where we beat a priori rates by a factor 3-4.

Building winning projects

Our ability to build winning projects is particularly prominent in the following examples:

Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects, including those under the societal challenges, IMI, EU4Health, ERA-NETs.

– Disease-specific funds such as Cancer Research UK and the Dutch KWF

– National programmes including ZonMw (NL), InnovateUK (UK)

– International programmes, such as NIH, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the Leducq Foundation.

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We support you in preparing, designing, and winning your translational research grant. Let us know what your craziest ideas are as we are eager to realise them together.

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