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As a ttopstart consultant, I seek to enable scientists and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals by being the connection between innovative ideas and the real world. 

I work alongside the client to bring forth the uniqueness of their research or idea, but also critically assess it to detect gaps and weaknesses that could jeopardize their journey towards innovation and find ways to strengthen it (for example, by identifying an ideal partner or by modifying the research plan to lower risks). My approach is that of stepwise co-development.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Biotechnology and Genomics (BSc), where I focused in genetic engineering and molecular diagnostics for the identification of human pathogens, as well as in cutting edge stem cell research..

Subsequently, I pursued a master’s degree in Biotechnology at Wageningen University & Research, contributing to fundamental research aimed to unravel the molecular mechanisms behind the stress resistance of the multi-resistant Listeria monocytogenesLO28.

I acquired a passion for high impact innovation in life sciences throughout my studies, and decided to seize the opportunity to combine business with creativity and high-impact science. 

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There are 3 components just as important as your idea: Bringing on board a balanced team, having a realistic plan with reachable goals and the smart strategy to set your idea in motion while understanding the market and its players. Working on these areas will maximise its chances of achieving true impact.

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Aaron in facts

Dog enthusiast

Has a musical instrument in almost every room of his house

Is a continuous learner

Motto: ‘Take time to build strong foundations’

Nostalgic about Mexican food


Has a passion for playing and making music


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