Andrea Slot, MSc

Senior Consultant

Hi, I’m Andrea.
Nice to meet you!

I am a Senior consultant at ttopstart with a passion for business strategy. I believe in working towards a sustainable relationship with my clients and bringing insights into their next steps in development and beyond. 

How/When did your passion for life sciences / innovation / research start?

My love for innovation started when I was young. Since I remember, I like to think outside the box and be creative to realize certain goals. Later in life, when I suffered a torn cross-ligament in my knee I was amazed about what they can do in an ACL reconstruction surgery. This made me enthusiastic about innovations in healthcare.   

What are the main challenges for researchers and innovators in life sciences and health, and how would you like to empower them? 

Innovators in the Life Science & Healthcare industry are dealing with many hurdles like rapidly changing markets and long development times that slow down or even hinder bringing a very smart and useful idea to the market. You can for example see that many of these innovators have a scientific background with a lack of business expertise, they have ideas that lack focus or the right context or have difficulties in positioning their idea into the market. I am someone with a business and strategic mindset that would challenge these ideas and create the context for decision making. Aside from having a smart plan, it is essential to attract funding for these inventions. My expertise in attracting funding and in developing smart plans enables innovators to bring ideas faster to the market, with a higher impact and redirect ideas if these are unfeasible.   

What is your role and added value at ttopstart? 

At ttopstart I am supporting my colleagues and clients with my business and strategy mindset. I like to challenge our own processes and I love working together in teams. I have played hockey my entire life and also at ttopstart I am a team player focusing on goal alignment, fun and efficient collaboration. Thereby I very much value openness. Openness towards each other will increase the quality of the work and will create a trust-worthy environment for long-term collaborations. As senior consultant and team lead of the Business Leadership (BL) team I:  

Support my team in their daily activities and personal development 

Focus on realizing our goals as BL team and as ttopstart as a whole 

Support existing accounts and create new business for the BL team 

Build strong projects and proposals for funding (e.g. grants, loans and investors) 

Strategically support clients in realizing their goals from brainstorm sessions, conducting market research, investigating business cases to building business plans and pitch decks; 

What do you like most about working at ttopstart? 

ttopstart allows me to grow as a person. Since the day I joined, I am able to take responsibilities, choose my path of becoming a business leader in the LSH field and work with a lot of passionate colleagues from different backgrounds. I would describe the ttopstart culture as open, progressive, challenging (e.g. learn and grow), flexible (e.g. hybrid working), fun and collaborative.  

The ttopstart values are Teamwork, Taking Ownership and Passion, how do you personally relate to these values? 

Teamwork: I have always enjoyed working in different teams (e.g. committees, hockey team, coaching/training, work-related). The collaborative goal and all being motivated to work towards this goal is something that drives me. For me a team exists of different individuals who all have their own contribution to and role in the team. They work with and for each other. I also think it is fun as you can learn from each other, build strong relationships and create an open environment in which we can share joyful but also more challenging moments.  

Taking ownership: For me taking ownership is key in realizing individual goals and ttopstart collaborative goals, but also in feeling independent and motivated. I like it when someone takes initiative, is proactive in bringing up solutions or new ideas and who goes for the extra mile. This is something I do within ttopstart and for clients.  

Passion: Passion is for me the glue in ttopstart. Without passion we would just be a hard-working company trying to “put bread on the table”. Our passion for enabling scientists and innovators to improve health for all, connects us as ttopstarters within the company but also with clients or other collaborators. More importantly, this passion enables me to go to work with joy and go back home with a rewarding feeling.   

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With my detailed understanding of the challenges facing life science innovations, I help you find new ways to realize meaningful impact.

Contact details
+31 (0)6 – 23 56 06 07
+31 (0)88 – 83 81 330

Andrea in facts

Loves word jokes

Passion for good food and wine 

Likes any sport that includes a ball

Has an honest smile

Enjoys the little things, but thinks big

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