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As a consultant I like to interact with clients who have core commercialization issues (i.e. is a product pivot required, what market to initially enter, etc.), financial impacts, and strategic partnerships. 

I also aim to help ramp up ttopstart’s corporate finance services and M&A consulting, especially given the financial and cultural integration issues that life science companies can face as they grow.

I hold a Universitas 21 joint PhD in medicine and biophysical chemistry from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Medicine (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute) and the University of Edinburgh (the Joseph Black School of Chemistry).

My research focused on anti-malarial drug and vaccine development, aiming to help a potential therapeutic into pre-clinical development under the supervision of Prof. Alan Cowman (WEHI and Harvard Medical School). After my PhD I obtained an MBA in finance & management, with a focus on biopharma M&A deals.

I have experience in bioscience business development, biopharma venture capital, and served as the COO of a Scottish biotech company focused on drug screening. I founded my own life science consultancy, Haggarty-Weir Consulting, that grew to a team of six, serving clients such as UCB Biopharma and Mercia Capital. I now serve as a professional advisor at MIT and has joined ttopstart in 2020 as a life science and healthcare consultant.

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I believe that when one goes through a professional “challenge journey”, they come out stronger and better positioned competitively.

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Cooking = a fun, social, and experimental activity

Lover of philosophy

Enjoys a good Scotch

“Wants his clients to feel listened to and understood, but to also be challenged

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