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As a consultant at ttopstart, I help clients find the support they need in order to get a head start with their innovations.

As a consultant at ttopstart in the Academic Leadership team, I exploit my multidisciplinary background to help shape the ideas of academics, thereby ensuring that that these ideas make sense and shine on paper. Especially important to me is making clients feel heard regarding their problems and needs, as they are the ones who work on the innovations. Using my scientific background, I try to find the boundary conditions of an ideal solution, which can then be complemented with the specific needs of the client. 

Within ttopstart, I have a focus on collaborative grants, specifically Dutch calls from NWO. It is my responsibility to stay up to date with upcoming deadlines, and to be a beacon of information regarding this particular funding instrument

My education in Nanobiology is relatively unique, as there are few studies in the world that combine molecular biology with physics, mathematics, and computer programming. The variety of courses in all disciplines taught me to switch fluently between work on different topics, and to combine different pieces of knowledge to create a new approach towards solutions. It has been a good preparation in coping with the transition of science towards interdisciplinarity as a baseline.

Furthermore, because of my interest in economics since high school and my fascination for cutting-edge technology in life sciences, I followed a minor in Medical Technology-based Entrepreneurship. This track brought me a better understanding of the business behind successful innovations. My education combined with my experience in customer support and as a board member of the Nanobiology study association, I would say that my skillset shines in terms of flexibility. Within ttopstart, I apply my skills with a focus on idea development with large consortia, mixing disciplines and developing ideas with a real impact. 

ttopstart values

While I have identified myself to be a team player a long time ago, any personality test I have made so far indicated that Teamwork is a core component of my personality. This is a trait that I have taken to heart, and for which I aim to keep improving my skills continuously. Being part of a team, such as our Academic Leadership team or any project team within ttopstart, is only satisfying when you are pulling your weight. Taking Ownership feels essential to me, as it ultimately heightens trust, reliability, and spirit in a team. Moreover, it is a great experience to see the happiness of clients when you have contributed something extra. Simultaneously, trust can only be gained when people are honest with each other, so taking ownership may also mean to admit mistakes. However, I believe that my genuine Passion for the work I do at ttopstart outshines those mistakes. I come to work with excitement for Life Sciences, for cool cutting-edge technologies, and for making an impact on lives all around the world. 


As opposed to more traditional and focused lines of research, there is not such a clear path laid out yet for people who are working on cutting-edge technologies in life sciences that combine aspects from multiple fields of study. Slowly, research is making a transition by blurring the lines between different disciplines, though the pioneers this direction of the biomedical field could have trouble to bring their innovation to light, let alone integrating their discoveries into our society.

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