Delielena Poli, MSc

Junior Consultant

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I am a junior consultant of the Program Leadership team. Together with the team we support EU-granted projects in management, communication & dissemination, and exploitation. In parallel, I enjoy helping out other colleagues in writing grant proposals.

Fundamental research is pivotal, and biomedical innovators recognize this while wanting to create a more tangible value by applying fundamental knowledge to the development of biotechnological innovations. Where should their scientific effort be focused? How to identify needs? How to find the means to develop their solutions? These are questions that, as a junior consultant, I am excited to help them find answers to.

I’ve always been fascinated by the field of life sciences especially about learning about molecular mechanisms and then apply this knowledge to designing concrete solutions. I had a first-person experience of the process of innovation development by participating to the international competition on synthetic biology (synbio) called iGEM. During more than 12 months together with a team we developed an innovation that harnessed the power of synbio to solve a real-world problem. 

I studied at Wageningen University from where I graduated in two MSc degrees in Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology WUR. I’m specialized in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and molecular biology, with experience in both computational and wet-lab research on bacteria and model plants. My focus on green (plant) and white (industrial) biotechnology enriches the range of expertise within ttopstart. At the same time, the BSc degree in Medical Biotechnology (from the University of Bologna) provided me with a strong background that well aligns with the company’s focus on medical innovations and health. Thanks to my 4 months of intenrship at ttopstart I got to know the company from inside, slowly getting introduced to the world of consultancy by being involved in most of ttopstart’s services.

Delielena Poli

What makes the job of a consultant an exciting career prospect for me is the idea of thinking along with the clients, helping them defining their innovations considering different perspectives and needs to shape sustainable, coherent, all-round technologies.

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Nothing better than a day at a city farm to recharge

Does her best to be mindful to the environment in her choices

Loves simple but colorful food

Wine > beer

Yogi at times

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