Delielena Poli, BSc


Hi, I’m Delielena.
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I am an intern at ttopstart, and a third-year master’s student at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). My research project focuses on researching the key success factor that early-stage biotech/medtech startups should have to secure equity funding.

At WUR, I am specialising in Cellular and Molecular biotechnology as well as in Molecular plant breeding and pathology. My bachelor’s was in biotechnology with medical specialisation, therefore it provided me with a strong background that well aligns with ttopstart expertise. For my intern research project, I’m diving in the VC literature, doing qualitative analyses, and interviewing investors from venture capital firms as well as ttopstart clients. My aim is to produce easy-to-interpret results that indicate clear directions to be taken as inspiration to improve the assets of a startup and increase its chances of success. So eventually, my results will turn out to be useful for clients too.

Being an intern at ttopstart allows me to explore a new business-related field, strengthening the basis for my future career in consultancy. The company’s well-structured methodologies offer a secure ground base to all types of activities, facilitating the integration of the company’s day-to-day activities. ttopstart is international and welcoming, and here I feel that my passion for learning is encouraged and supported, making it a pleasure to be part of the team.



Delielena Poli

Fundamental research is pivotal, and innovators recognise this while wanting to create a more tangible value by applying fundamental knowledge to the development of biotechnological innovations. What makes the job of a consultant an exciting career prospect for me is the idea of thinking along with the clients, helping them defining their innovations considering different perspectives and needs to shape sustainable, coherent, all-round technologies.

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