Delielena Poli, MSc

Junior Consultant

Hi, I’m Delielena.
Nice to meet you!

I am a consultant of the Business Leadership team. Together with the team I support innovators with a commercial ambition in obtaining European grants.

I support them by strategizing the next steps for their technologies and complementing their expertise by conducting market and stakeholder analyses and identifying business cases. I put all my expertise and enthusiasm in the projects with clients and like working together with them to achieve shared goals.  

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Bologna. This provided me with a strong background that well aligns with the company’s focus on medical innovations and health. Furthermore, I studied at Wageningen University from where I obtained two Master’s degrees in Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology. I’m specialized in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and molecular biology, with experience in both computational and wet-lab research on bacteria and model plants. My focus on green (plant) and white (industrial) biotechnology enriches the range of expertise within ttopstart. Thanks to my internship at ttopstart I got to know the company from inside and got the change to grow in my position. 

The ttopstart values: Teamwork, Taking Ownership and Passion

I believe that the quality of our work at ttopstart stems not only from our attention to detail, but also in large part from knowing each other personally. This makes us work well together because we are aware of where each of us sparks. I am passionate about my job because I believe I am contributing to innovations with a real impact and also because I care about the people I interact with thought it, colleagues and clients.   

Delielena Poli

What makes the job of a consultant an exciting career prospect for me is the idea of thinking along with the clients, helping them defining their innovations considering different perspectives and needs to shape sustainable, coherent, all-round technologies.

Contact details
+31 (0)88 – 83 81 330

Delielena in facts

Nothing better than a day at a city farm to recharge

Does her best to be mindful to the environment in her choices

Loves simple but colorful food

Wine > beer

Yogi at times

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