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Hi, I’m Elena.
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I believe that trust and transparency is pivotal when working with clients for building a sustainable relationship. As a consultant at ttopstart, my purpose to provide insights and full support to craft entrepreneurial ideas into potential medical innovations.

Biomedical innovators are dreamers who envision a better future. Yet, these dreams need to be fueled to become tangible and make a difference. I think it is of outmost importance to develop long-term relationships with my clients and provide the best service to accelerate the scientific and technological process and shape the future.

I have successfully completed a bachelor’s in Life Sciences at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. After gaining work experience in both academia and a commercial start-up, I realized that I wanted to bridge the gap between science and society. To pursue this, I did my master’s in Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences at Vrije University. I have experienced the passion lying within working on an innovation in a small start-up team with big dreams. Simultaneously, my education revealed the complexities of the process that it takes to bring innovation into society. 

Nadia Honing

Growing in the Republic of Moldova, I have experienced a transition between various regimes, ideas, and views. Subsequently, there has been a continuous clash between the old ways and the new ways. I have always been inspired by innovative people, who are brave enough to look into the future, solve a problem, and change the world.

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Healthy dose of self-irony

Passion for sports

Eats too much pasta

Curious nature

Loves laying in the sun

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