Federica de Majo, PhD

Junior Consultant

Hi, I’m Federica.
Nice to meet you!

At ttopstart, I am a Junior Consultant for the Academic Leadership team. I will do everything in my ability to make a success of my clients’ projects.

Before joining ttopstart, I was working in academia. I have a PhD in Molecular Cardiovascular Biology from Maastricht University and during my last year as a PhD student, I successfully applied for three individual fellowships to support my postdoc. Doing so, I realised that I enjoyed grant writing and I started to consider a career change. Also, I enjoy creating eye-catching graphical representations of scientific content and I wanted to invest in this skill by finding a career that would allow me to use it.

I think that to be successful in academia you are not just asked to be a great scientist, you need to be an excellent writer, to be successful in presenting and selling your ideas, to build a solid network. However, as a starting researcher, you are barely if not ever taught all these additional skills and you never really have the time to work on them. I would like to be helpful to researchers by supporting them with these additional tasks in what is for me a win-win interaction: they receive the assistance they need to keep funding their research and I am able to give my small contribution with the skills I have to the research field. I am passionate about research, and I am excited I get to contribute to it by supporting scientists in pursuing their success.


Federica de Majo

I decided I wanted a career in research in middle school. I wanted to be part of a field that I saw could make a difference in people’ lives. 

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