Frank Deege, MSc

Managing Director

Hi, I’m Frank.
Nice to meet you!

I am Managing Director at ttopstart, bringing my experience to the consultants, coaching and training them in becoming the best consultants they can be and thereby supporting ttopstart’s ambition to be the leading life sciences consultant.

I started my career as a grant consultant about 24 years ago at PwC advisory, working for all kinds of private sector and public sector organizations, ranging from large production companies and small businesses to academia. Gradually I developed a focus on large European consortia in the life sciences. One assignment led to the other, and when I left PwC in 2009 I was responsible for the PwC grant consulting practice for Life Sciences.

In 2009, I took the offer of Erasmus MC Virology, to start working in-house as their grant consultant exclusively. I figured that this would be a good opportunity to actually work in the environment and amongst the people I serviced for years, making me a better consultant. I delivered the keys to my company car, replaced my suit and tie for jeans and a sweater, and took the jump into the world of academic research.

This is where my love for science grew on me. What struck me most was the passion and intrinsic motivation of the scientist I worked for and with. That and the small office spaces. I worked there for six years, in which I met and worked with some of the thought leaders I still work with today. In 2016 I briefly went back to PwC to help build their innovation practice, after which again took the jump into becoming a freelancer with my own consulting company.

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In general, my added value is that I enable scientists to focus on what they are good at and what they love to do: science. With me at their side, they have the comfort of having someone on their team that looks beyond the intricate details of their research and focuses on how the unique strengths of the consortium and the proposal can best be presented.

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Frank in facts

Loves to snorkel in a crystal clear warm tropical sea

Enjoys playing video games with equally terrible old-time friends

Member of the Dutch Orange Army at a Formula 1 grand prix

Loves a good diner with friends

Looking forward to having drinks with the expert scientists, exchanging ‘war stories’ after a long day consortium meeting

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