Georgia Taxiarchopoulou, MSc

Senior Business Developer – Team Lead

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As a Senior Business Developer, I collaborate with researchers, academic institutes, and biotech companies to design their strategy, define their goals and priorities and work together on the execution plan. 

I try to make them feel confident and comfortable to share their thoughts but also their doubts, their vision & objectives and together translate them into actions delivering high value projects that can truly affect patient’s lives and bring better quality of life. I prefer to consider myself not only as their collaborator but also as part of their team and build long and trustful relationships.

I studied Chemistry at University of Patras in Greece. After my graduation, I decided to have a challenge and combine my scientific background with business. I followed Master studies in Chemistry and Science-Based Business at Leiden University, where I did my Master thesis in organic & peptide synthesis for studying Live-Cell Dual Orthogonal labelling of tumour membrane compounds using confocal microscopy. My business studies and my working experience in Danone helped me earning experience on building strategies and using market insights and translate them into business opportunities.

My personal goal is to provide my clients refined techniques and scenario development methods, promote an open dialogue identifying issues and ask bigger questions. In this way, we can find the balance between stimulating true innovation, particularly towards addressing unmet needs, and ensuring both financial sustainability for health systems and accessibility for patients.

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Being trained as a chemist for some years and driven by curiosity, I am always searching for creative solutions and new angles for addressing biomedical innovation’s challenges. My mixed education background in Science and Business helped me a lot to be able to understand scientific questions, build multiple business cases and come up with new ideas.

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Mediterranean spirituality

Passion for excellence – always striving to do better


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