Jan Vos van Marken, MBA

Principal Consultant

Hi, I’m Jan Vos.
Nice to meet you!

At ttopstart, I am a Principal Consultant helping others to succeed. So, I do not do any ‘client-facing work’, but help to improve yours.

I have been working in a financial role within Shell for 10 years: I learned everything about management by objectives, KPI’s and organizational innovation. Then, I worked for almost 10 years at a University Medical Center Utrecht where I acquired a knowledge of ‘stakeholder management’ and health system innovation. Finally, I worked for 10 years in the (life science) startup scene where I gained an understanding of product innovation, patient engagement and ecosystems. But all my life I worked on innovating myself. At ttopstart, I hope to help to innovate you. 

At ttopstart, my passion for the medical field and young bright professionals come together. Many cultural backgrounds: a lot of potential learning and innovating personalities.

Jan Vos van Marken

Apart from my professional background I was raised in a family where nothing was forced upon you, and everything was open for debate. In my time at the Vossius Gymnasium in Amsterdam I was challenged to take nothing for granted, see things from many perspectives and question everything. Especially in corona times that is a difficult but an interesting habit.

Contact details

+31 (0) 6 ) 52 61 69 53                  
+31 (0)88 – 83 81 330

Jan Vos in facts

Healthcare professional

Innovator with startup mindset, and business model and financial focus

Brings people together

mountaineer, a real nature guy

Loves (South) Africa

Jan Vos van Marken