Ketharini Senthilkumar, PhD

Consultant & Programme Leader 

Hi, I’m Ketharini.
Nice to meet you!

I am currently an Associate Consultant and a Programme Leader. I co-create proposals with clients for European level grants and I am also managing EU funded consortia, including IMI’s.

In both roles, what I enjoy the most is the close collaboration with the clients and feeling of constructing and achieving the goals as a team. I strive to set open, honest communication and trust between us, that sets the base of a successful collaboration for the project!

I started my career in biology at Anna University at India with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Biotechnology. After following a course in neuroscience, my interest in brain got piqued, so I decided to embark on a research masters in Neuroscience at Utrecht University.

I got hands-on training in neuroscience through research internships. The first was at UMC Utrecht where I explored the role of micro RNAs in epilepsy and second at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland that allowed me to delve deeper into the disease. With combined knowledge from my internships, I continued my research path on molecular epilepsy as a PhD candidate at the labs of Pasterkamp and Elly Hol at UMC Utrecht.

It was during my PhD that I realized that I wished to bring scientific and fundamental research closer and tangible to the society. In ttopstart, I envision to help realize innovative, scientific ideas that would benefit the society. 

In my experience talking and reading about clients, the main obstacles faced by many biomedical innovators are obtaining the right funding, creating a successful and long-lasting collaborations during projects and finally, uptake of their product/solution by the society. As a ttopstarter, it is priority that the innovation of the client doesn’t get ‘lost’ in the vast pool of ideas out there. Biomedical field is highly competitive and rapidly evolving with novel ideas coming out every day. It is important to me that my clients can still stand out in this field and create a meaningful and long-lasting impact through their much-needed product/solution.”

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ttopstart fully aligns with my view to bring values and creating impact through the health sector in the society.

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Ketharini in facts

Easy smiling


Passionate about world cuisine

Eager to travel and meet new people

Likes new technology gadgets

Love cats

Amateur photographer and aspiring guitar player


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