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At ttopstart, I work as a consultant where my role is to team-up with academics and biomedical innovators. I propel their vision to actionable plans by securing suitable funding opportunities in order to, ultimately, ensure sustainability in their research line/innovation process.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Physics (BSc) and a master’s degree in Biophysics (MSc), I embarked on a PhD thesis project focused on image-guided drug delivery enhanced by ultrasound waves for applications in Oncology. There I gained strong problem-solving skills required for such a multidisciplinary topic.

Subsequently, I continued as a postdoctoral researcher for six years and specialized in brain research, with a particular scope on innovative therapeutic strategies to circumvent the blood-brain barrier for the treatment of brain tumors in pediatric patients. In this journey I particularly enjoyed disseminating my findings and prepare grant applications where scientific writing is key.

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I believe scientific progress and knowledge can greatly contribute to improve human condition and raise awareness to better meet global challenges in the future. I believe that, as part of ttopstart and to a very modest extent, I contribute to Human Progress by supporting scientific innovation.

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Loves eating tasty food with some good wine

“Think big, start small, learn fast”

Recently got a subscription to the journal The Economist

my best day to spend is sport – museum – bookshop – restaurant