Mission & Vision

We empower biomedical innovators

It is our mission to transform healthcare and life sciences by accelerating the introduction of impactful innovations.  

We aim for a world where better medicines, tools and therapies come to the market faster and where life sciences innovations change patients’ lives for the better. We are here to help biomedical innovators tackling the challenges associated with disruptive healthcare innovations.

We are passionate about technologies that can change life sciences and healthcare for the best and are eager to embark on this exciting adventure together with you.

About us

ttopstart employees are amongst the brightest life sciences professionals. We are trained to provide helicopter views across markets and scientific fields. We understand product development and marketing processes. We know where and what it takes to get funding for specific stages of development.

Our game-changing perspectives and experience from hundreds of cases position us to deliver smarter and more creative science and business strategies.

Our writing and presentation methods have helped convince VCs, subsidy providers, strategic partners, and other stakeholders around the world to invest.

Our story

In 2009, we started as a university spin-off from the VU University in Amsterdam. Since then we grew rapidly into one of the leading consultancy companies in the field. We have an attractive footprint with a strong network of stakeholders. Via the PNO network of offices, we have our ‘feet on the ground’ in 7 countries and are active in 22 countries. We have served more than 200 research groups, 50 universities, 250 companies and 25 research societies in Europe. Having raised over 500 million euros to date and implemented over 100 business plans and strategies, we have been pivotal in the advancement of science and innovation.

In our efforts to empower biomedical innovators, we have partnered with HollandBIO. We developed and maintain a joint Life Sciences Funding Database that enables entrepreneurs and academia to identify funding opportunities that meet their strategic needs.

“The gap between research and real, practical applications of many promising life science innovations is really huge. Many researchers and innovators have ideas with high impact potential but also many struggle with shaping these ideas in such a way their innovations really affect and change society for the better. At ttopstart, we prepare for success with the end in mind.”

–  Martha Gilbert, Consultant at ttopstart

Proud member of PNO Group

As of 2019 ttopstart joined PNO group, the leading European innovation, project management and grants consultancy. PNO employs over 400 experts in energy, climate & environment, IT, chemistry, and life sciences and supports over 3,000 clients with their innovations throughout Europe.


The ttopstart team is happy to answer all your questions on how to create, innovate and accelerate your ground-breaking ideas and discoveries.