Monica Ferraioli, BSc, MBA


Hi, I’m Monica.
Nice to meet you!

I work to help clients gain a 360-degree view of their work. I like to first make sure I understand them – both the technical aspects of their work, as well as their vision for the future of their work – and help identify gaps and challenge their perspective.

I personally like a collaborative effort, and my favorite type of collaboration is when we both have distinctly different expertise (e.g. them scientific and myself business-oriented), and the sum of the two expertise is greater than the parts.

After completing my undergraduate studies in Dietetics (BSc), I spent several years working to bridge the gap between research and implementation at a startup studio that brought innovative solutions to market.

My work focused on funding and development of software products that improve access to and quality of healthcare for underserved populations. It was here that I discovered my enthusiasm for innovation management, which prompted me to pursue an MBA at Rotterdam School of Management. I concentrated my studies on innovation and entrepreneurship, and combine these skills and my experience at ttopstart to guide clients to strategically focus their work for maximum impact on healthcare and life sciences.

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It’s key to understand the client’s perspective – that way I know where they’re at and how I can add value the best.

Contact details
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Monica in facts

Loves people, especially people who are different from her

Requires regular exercise to function as a pleasant human being

Doesn’t like hot weather

Started drawing last year and discovered she is not terrible at it!

Loves to travel and explore cities

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