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Hi, I’m Nadia.
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I am a consultant at ttopstart in the Programme Leadership team. My role is to support leading researchers and innovative companies in life sciences in sustainability and engagement.

I mainly work on EU funded projects and am responsible for creating a sustainable consortium where all partners involved are engaged, have the end vision in mind and are working towards the future of the project.

The research and innovation market can be quite complex and fragmented. For many innovators and researchers it is often difficult to understand how they can create impact, especially in the long term. I want to support leading researchers and companies by simplifying the complexity of markets, identifying opportunities for the future and to ensure stakeholders are engaged and work towards the future of the project.

I started my career in physiotherapy, which helped me understand health from a biomedical perspective. I soon realized that I was mainly interested in how we can prevent diseases and optimize treatments. I started the Bachelor Health & Society at Wageningen University, which broadened my perspective and helped me to understand the complexity of health systems. My master’s degree in Global Health has given me more insight into the challenges on a global and political level. Through internships I also learned to take the perspective of the end-user into account. After that, I worked at a company scaling MedTech and Digital Health worldwide. This helped me understand health innovation from a commercial perspective. All these experiences have taught me to look at health and innovation from different angels, which is often very useful when you have to look beyond the boundaries of projects and think about the impact in the future.

Nadia Honing

I believe collaboration across sectors and disciplines and having a clear focus on sustainability are essential in solving complex scientific and societal problems. I am very passionate about supporting leading researchers and companies and working on strategies that can have a lasting impact for innovations in health & life sciences.

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+31 (0)88 – 83 81 330

Nadia in facts

Loves to reach a higher mountain top every time

Enjoys the vibrancy of Amsterdam

Wildlife & nature enthusiast

Morning person

Curious foody

Nadia in facts