Nawien Nash, BSc


Hi, I’m Nawien.
Nice to meet you!

As an intern at ttopstart, it causes me to not actively interact with clients. Hopefully, I can still help you through my research.

I am currently a first-year master student with a specialization in ‘Management and Entrepreneurship’. Before that I did the bachelor ‘Biomedical Sciences’. These disciplines have helped me experience both sides of the world of science, which brought me to my position.  

Often in science, problems are being solved for things that don’t necessarily need solving. I feel like there is still so much miscommunication about what a person wants, and what science wants to solve for them. By having a sober and honest conversation with society or the individual first, more effective solutions are surely to be made.

ttopstart initially spoke to me because it centralizes sustainability, diversity, and innovation. Meeting my coworkers who all welcomed me with open arms, however, is what makes me glad I chose to join the ttopstart team.    


Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by science and how everything relates to each other in the world. Having a biomedical background in combination with a master which focuses more on societal aspects has therefore been a great fit for me.  

Contact details
+31 (0)30 – 73 70 779

Nawien in facts

Wannabe musician

Loves to play video games

Interested in learning new languages

Intrigued by philosophy and self-improvement

Likes to play different sports 

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