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At ttopstart, I discuss opportunities with clients, developing business and grant proposals to display a clear path to mature their innovations so they can improve medical capabilities for doctors to help patients.

My deep knowledge and expertise in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and life-science fields permit me to deliver many different services for the client, including Market research, business strategy, funding proposal and more. For ttopstart, I have a unique background working in the clinic with medical specialists keeping my mind focused on the end-user (i.e., doctors and patients). This experience enables me to guide our clients to develop innovations focused on the clinician’s needs to make the most significant impact possible for doctors and patients. Moreover, creating optimal business strategies to bring impactful medical innovations forward into the market by challenging ideas and collaborating with clients on the best approach permits me to help the client reach their business objectives and jump on a path to success.

My diverse background working in different life-science settings enables me to guide clients on their path to see their innovative visions come to fruition. My diverse background includes: 1. Extensive funding experience helping clients win different funding schemes such as an EIC Accelerator and ERC grants; 2. Business experience from conducting market research and developing investor-ready pitch decks and business proposals; 3. Helping biotech clients with the procurement process to select optimal CROs to complete their clinical trials; 4. Gaining hands-on clinical experience from assisting ophthalmologists; 5.Lab experience at the Utrecht Regenerative Medicine Center.

The ttopstart values

I believe taking ownership is a crucial aspect of being an effective employee. This involves a proactive and accountable approach that lets those around you know they can trust you to deliver what is required. This also means accepting responsibility for your actions and their outcomes and doing what’s necessary to deliver a positive result, even if it does not happen on the first try. Moreover, taking ownership also means taking pride in your work with integrity and ensuring you meet the standards you set to deliver quality results. This is important because it lets an employee demonstrate to clients and colleagues that you are reliable and can meet deadlines. And if I know you are willing to go the extra mile to deliver these results, then I know you can be trusted when an assignment is given.

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I want to fix how scientists comprehend barriers to their innovations, to understand how they fit into the current market, and their potential to make a difference in the clinic.

Contact details
+31 (0)6 – 82 38 62 64              
+31 (0)30 – 73 70 779

Neal in facts

A laid-back California kid

Enjoys playing football with his Dutch amateur team

Always keeping up with everything sports-related

Loves staying active and spending time with friends and family

Enjoys playing with his Dutch girlfriend’s family dog named “Ginger”

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