Rilana Huiberts, MSc


Hi, I’m Rilana.
Nice to meet you!

As a consultant, I aspire to support clients in the life sciences and health to make an impact on the research field and society. With my critical thinking mind and problem-solving skills, I will help clients to define their idea and realize their goals.

I have hands-on experience in a medicinal chemistry lab through my master’s degree. And besides working in the first stages of the development of new and innovative medicines, I have also experience in the post-authorization side after working in a pharmaceutical company.

I studied pharmaceutical sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam where I developed an interest in drug development. I decided to specialize myself further with a master in Drug Discovery and Safety (medicinal chemistry track), for which I received a cum laude degree. I contributed to developing a fragment library focused on 3D-structures that have the potential to be a new starting point for drugs.

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I would like to help the innovators that are so specialized in their own topic to create a message that is understandable to researchers in other fields by creating an overview.

Contact details
+31 (0) 6 58 72 28 20                
+31 (0)88 – 83 81 330

Rilana in facts

Always  in to try new food


Explores new roads with her racing bike

Loves to walk around the little streets in Amsterdam

Likes to engage her mind with escape rooms, learning to play chess and other board and card games

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