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Hi, I’m Simona.
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I am a consultant within the programme leadership team, which means that I participate in project management of the consortia and that I help with advising the consortia on sustainability plans, i.e., what will happen after the funded period is over and how can we make sure that the intended impact is realized?  

In my role as a project manager, I become a true sparring partner of the consortium members, but especially the coordinator. I build trust by delivering quality work and advice and I try to make the consortium feel supported and comfortable with the EU-funding rules. I add value by providing structure to the scientific work done, ensuring that the project is implemented properly through monitoring the various workstreams, making the group feel connected and preventing them from having to deal with the administrative side of receiving EU-funding. As a consultant for sustainability, I strive to actively listen, provide structure and dive into exploring the different options with the client. I add value by being able to translate the abstract and technical details into accessible words and visualizations and by building trust that makes the client feel supported along the path.  

I have a degree in Strategic Management, which has trained me in thinking about how firms’ strategies are created and devised. This is useful when it comes to bringing new innovations to the market and commercializing them. I have worked on 2 student consultancy cases within the healthcare sector. These taught me to always put the patient on the pedestal, which is an important pre-requisite that can be leveraged in any project management related hurdles. In my previous job at the university I collaborated with professors, I got to know the backstage of academia and learn the ropes, which is coming in handy within the consortia. 

The ttopstart values 

At ttopstart, there is rarely ever anything you do on your own. All that we do and achieve is a result of teamwork. We are a diverse group that brings in different skills to the team, and that’s what I love. Our work is challenging and having a sparring partner is very important. It works on two levels – teamwork within the internal team, and teamwork with the client. Working together in a team, we can rely on each other, hold (onto) one other in heavy situations, and celebrate together. Working together with a client, you build trust and a strong relationship and this for me is at the core of any collaboration.  

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One of the challenges for the consortium and its partners is for the idea to work out and to actually live on after the development phase. The ttopstart’s programme leadership team can help with this.

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Simona in facts

Neither a morning bird nor a night owl

Puts cinnamon in everything

PowerPoint snob

Can never decide between the sweet and salty popcorn

Buys vitamins, never ever takes them