Stefanie Schütte, PhD

Senior Consultant & Team Lead

Hi, I’m Stefanie.
Nice to meet you!

At ttopstart, I am involved in managing research projects for funding subsidies in close collaboration with well-known industrial companies, SMEs, research institutes and universities.

I have the pleasure to be involved in different services: programme leadership, academic leadership and consulting. In each of the services, I apply an individualized approach as every client as well as the topic or the challenge is different.  I adapt to every client and situation and enjoy that very much. You can possibly predict the outcome and output but the way to achieve it is always different and very tailored according to individual and institutional needs.

I hold an international Master of Public Health from the French School of Public Health and completed a PhD in Epidemiology at University Paris-Saclay in collaboration with the University College Dublin.

I have a solid background in public and global health research as she previously worked as a scientist in mainly academic institutions (INSERM, University of Paris Descartes, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, etc.) and was involved in numerous international projects in the fields of occupational, environmental and digital health with a focus on public-private partnerships.

Since several years, I also work as an external reviewer for scientific journals and for the European commission. Based on my experiences, I gained comprehensive project management skills, expertise in complex scientific/technical writing and in-depth knowledge of the European funding systems (H2020, IMI, ANR/DFG, Wellcome Trust, EDCTP, etc.). 

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Before I started working as a consultant, I was a researcher myself and worked in the academic field for quite some time. This experience allows me to see the many struggles that academia currently faces, particularly the pressure of always performing. To lighten the load, I help individuals and institutions to optimally position themselves and strategise as entrepreneurs, ensuring long-term academic success.

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+31 (0)6 10 46 04 09
+31 (0)88 – 83 81 330

Stefanie in facts


values open-mindedness and transparency

Truly believes that everything is possible

Enthusiastic about new ideas

Is driven by creativity and enthusiasm

Photography lover

Practices yoga and meditation to calm down


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