Why a grant writing strategy is key for your funding success

13 December 2021

It has occurred to us that many scientists prepare subsidy proposals without coordination of their institute. This creates competition for the same subsidy amongst fellow researchers of the same institute.

It has been shown in many fields that better results are achieved in collaborative settings as opposed to single-man actions. This also applies for receiving funding. In this blog we provide two tips to improve collaboration and coordination within research groups when it comes to applying for funding.

1. Set up a structure for collaboration within research groups

A small and simple organisational change can tip the balance to the winning side. Research groups should develop and implement an internal strategy for fundraising. Such a strategy would start with centrally sharing regular updates about upcoming subsidy deadlines that are relevant for the group. Each interested scientists can then share the intention to submit a proposal. In a brief meeting these ideas can be discussed and potential synergies identified. It should also be determined how many proposals can be submitted without creating competition and eventually by who. This creates synergy between colleagues that would normally compete. This form of partnership improves the chances for a high score for feasibility and excellence.

2. Organise an internal reviewing and feedback system

We also have seen that implementing a structure for internal support can be truly effective. Having a group of experts within your organisation to review and provide feedback on each proposal has proven constructive for further improvement. This process of reviewing could be further professionalized by developing a standard where predetermined criteria are checked for e.g. excellence, implementation and impact of the proposed project. This allows applicants to add power to the proposal, creates a feeling of co-ownership and group effort which strengthens the relationships within the group – which can be fruitful for any other activity.

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“In this blog we provide two tips to improve collaboration and coordination within research groups when it comes to applying for funding.”

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