Are you an Eurostar champion?

30 November 2020

The next deadline for the Eurostars funding programme is September 3, 2020. Eurostars is a €1.2B programme aimed at R&D performing small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services to improve the daily lives of people around the world.

Are you an SME with high potential for growth, underpinned by a ground-breaking, disruptive technology? Are you looking to take your first steps in international cooperation, combining and sharing your expertise with other small businesses, and benefiting from working beyond national borders? If so, then you too could become a Eurostars champion!

Eurostars applications have a high success rate

With an overall success rate of approximately 30%, Eurostars is an extremely attractive funding option for SMEs as compared to for example the SME Instrument. Have you considered Eurostars as part of your funding strategy?

Applying for a Eurostars grant

When considering an application for a Eurostars grant, it is important to keep the following in mind:

A Eurostars project must be started and led by an R&D-performing SME and involve at least one other partner from another Eurostars country. An R&D-performing SME is in the driving seat, leading the international project consortium in which R&D-performing SMEs should take on the main responsibilities.

The goal of every Eurostars project should be rapid commercialisation of the R&D results. A project should last no longer than 3 years and be aimed at developing marketable tools and technologies. Within two years of completion, the product of the project R&D should be commercially available or in clinical trials.

A Eurostars project is a business case. It is up to you to present a compelling case for commercial success and show how the Eurostars investment will be leveraged to lead to new products and generate revenues for the project partners.

A Eurostars application must pass through a highly-competitive selection process. Eurostars applications are scrutinised by a panel of international research and business experts, to ensure that only the best business ideas and strongest partnerships get the support they need. Eurostars applies a decentralised funding procedure; all funding to participants in approved projects is managed by their respective funding body and according to national funding rules and procedures.

Why ttopstart?

At ttopstart, we are highly experienced in coordinating the consortium, co-creating the commercial strategy and supporting the writing of the entire application with our proven FFWD method to winning grant proposals. Our success rate for Eurostars projects is 70%. Download our checklist for a succesful Eurostars proposal.

Contact us

Do you have what it takes to become a Eurostars SME? You can contact us to discuss your ideas and your chances for a successful project.


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