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Eurostars aims to stimulate SMEs to lead international collaborative research and innovation projects by easing access to support and funding.

Max. funding amount Project duration
Typically, funding is € 500.000 to €1.000.000, at a typical funding rate of 40-50% (varies per country). 36 months


Scope of the project

Eurostars is a European subsidy program that supports highly innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Eurostars is open for any technologic innovation. Typical projects include medical imaging, diagnostics development, drug delivery and ICT.


The consortium leader should be an R&D-performing SME from a Eurostars country and the consortium should include at least one other independent participant from another Eurostars country. A consortium can thus already consist of one SME together with one university from another Eurostars country. Typically a consortium consists of 1 or 2 SMEs together with 1 or 2 research organizations/universities.

As a consultant I interact with a diverse type of clients to bring their new ideas into reality. I like to be involved early in the process, so that I can help strengthen the idea or business case, help find the right partners, and turn that into a successful application so that the research that we planned for can actually be performed.

– Viktorija Globyté, MSc, PhD – Senior Consultant at ttopstart

About Eurostars

With an overall success rate of approximately 30% (and 70% for proposals supported by ttopstart), and being backed by a total fund of €1.14 billion, Eurostars is an extremely attractive funding option for life sciences SMEs as compared to, for example, EIC Accelerator. The overall goal of the Eurostars is to stimulate growth and development of SMEs in Europe by shortening the time-to-market of new technologies.

Benefits for companies
  • Work with other companies to develop competitive products and services.
  • Support this effort with non-dilutive funding (and decrease risk).
  • Collaborate and benefit from the experience of top-class researchers using the latest state-of-the-art equipment in academic institutions.
  • Benefits for partner universities / research institutions
  • Initiate and build long-term partnerships with industrial partners.
  • Gain access to expertise in industry.
  • Exploit the business potential of the discoveries.
Conditions for Eurostars programme
  • Proposals should focus on the development of innovative products and services in any technological area;
  • Projects must be started and led by an SME;
  • The consortium leader should be an R&D performing SME from a Eurostars country;
  • The consortium should consist of at least two Eurostars participating countries;
  • The duration of an Eurostars project last no longer than three years;
  • The product of research should be ready for market introduction within two years after project.

For more information visit the Eurostars website.

Why ttopstart?

With our great experience in writing and coordinating successful Eurostars applications, we co-develop your project including support in shaping the concept and writing the entire Eurostars application and can effectively coordinate the consortium. As such, we will not only provide you with the right resources to execute your project but will also help you to shape your business.

We have supported multiple successful Eurostars applications, with a 70% staggering success rate. Furthermore, our proposals have consistently been ranked high by the EC reviewers.

Get in touch with us

Are you considering applying for Eurostars? ttopstart can help you in writing a competitive and strong proposal including taking necessary strategic steps. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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