Personalised research strategies for scientists  

How to become an excellent scientist

Over the years, we have evaluated dozens successful and less successful scientists and research groups. Those who stand out in excellence and impact are able to build upon a balanced set of individual research strengths and leadership skills.

Our Research Strategy and Funding Canvas

We have a set of methodologies to facilitate designing, implementing and evaluating research strategies for PIs. Our Research Strategy and Funding Canvas is a key tool for this. It generates a unique ‘fingerprint’ of the PI and their research team. The Canvas builds upon a 360-degree stakeholder analysis, an assessment of individual strengths and weaknesses and evaluation of key peers. As such, it provides insights into current gaps and challenges and is an excellent starting point to build a tailored strategy for researchers of all seniorities.

To lighten the load, I help individuals and institutions to optimally position themselves and strategise as entrepreneurs, ensuring long-term academic success.


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