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We empower biomedical innovators

We support a large group of clients including Europe’s fastest-growing biotech and medtech companies, Europe’s top-100 universities and organizations that drive innovation in health and life sciences.

Turn your innovations into real impact

The research landscape is changing. As a researcher you face a lot of technological and financial challenges. To acquire funding for your research project you need to build relationships across different disciplines, to look for new ways of collaborating and to adapt in order to stay competitive. But most importantly, your research has to realise impact that goes beyond scientific results.

This is where ttopstart can help you with. We develop smart strategies that realize economic, clinical and societal impact.

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Strengthen your business

As a biotech or medtech entrepreneur it is hard to strategize over the entire life cycle of innovations. You need to know exactly which unmet medical needs you try to address, what the market looks like now and in the future, which products and applications to prioritize and what your competitors do.

ttopstart helps you find ways to capture your primary and secondary markets, to partner with the right people and to structure and negotiate your deals smartly. We know the challenges of capturing the value of your venture and reducing the need for external investments whilst maximizing the value of your technology.

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Be an excellent scientist

Academia and institutes have the challenging task of providing answers to the societal questions of today and tomorrow. The increase in competition for funding, demand for impact, emphasis on public-private partnerships, the on-going publication pressure and the push to move to open science generates a lot of pressure.

Science is in transition and we see many academic leaders and PIs struggle to adapt and grasp the opportunities this transition presents. What if you had the tools and training to optimally position yourself, your department and institute? With the ultimate aim to build a research environment where excellence thrives, and impact comes naturally.

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Manage a project that focuses on sustainable impact

To manage a successful R&D project you have to be aware of the following challenges. The first challenge is that most research and innovation activities are financed on a project basis. And as a result, they are confined in terms of budget and time. Project coordinators are therefore limited in their focus and not always aligned with the long-term goal of your organization.

The other challenge we see is that these projects need long-term strategic relationships across different disciplines and across different stakeholders to really have a sustainable impact.

At ttopstart we look beyond the boundaries of a project to drive durable innovations in life sciences and healthcare. Project managers should focus on multiple connected projects at the same time and have the long-term vision in mind for the choices and plans that are made now.

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