Who we are

Nice to meet you!


We are ttopstart, a consulting company that supports leading researchers and innovative companies in the fields of life sciences and healthcare.

Our professionals have a shared passion for making the complex simple, realising meaningful impact, and pushing through barriers. Our approaches build upon proven and tailored consulting methods and a deep understanding of the sector. It is our goal to accelerate the introduction of impactful innovations.

Our team

ttopstart consists of a team of creative, ambitious professionals who combine knowledge of science with commercial skills. Our passions include health and wellbeing, learning and growing, performance and leadership. Our purpose is to enable breakthroughs in life sciences to contribute to a healthy community.

Well-established company

We are a well-established and resilient company. We serve a growing number of different types of clients. As a result, we have increased our presence in the marketplace and expanded our portfolio of services.

Are you passionate about life sciences and health technologies? Do you have a commercial attitude and the drive to empower others? Are you keen to bring life sciences innovations to the market? Then ttopstart could be a great environment for you to thrive in and advance your career!

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Mission & Vision

It is our mission to transform healthcare and life sciences by accelerating the introduction of impactful innovations.  

 We aim for a world where better medicines, tools and therapies come to the market faster and where life sciences innovations change patients’ lives for the better. We are here to help biomedical innovators tackling the challenges associated with disruptive healthcare innovations.


The ttopstart team is happy to answer all your questions on how to create, innovate and accelerate your ground-breaking ideas and discoveries.