Create lasting impact

Sustainable uptake of innovations demands that we start with the end in mind, to change patients’ lives and the healthcare system for the better.

Why is project sustainability so important?

Project sustainability is the ability of a project to continue after the funding period and is key to creating a lasting impact. It is important to start thinking about sustainability early on, as the choices then will influence the possibilities for eventual uptake. The tools for sustainability we offer include:


  • Performing market studies
  • Developing exploitation & dissemination plans
  • Developing business cases and models
  • Finalizing business plans
Our approach: towards ultimate impact

As most innovation projects aim for market adoption of a new product, treatment or infrastructure, resulting in a sustainable business, we challenge your future impact strategies by leveraging our entrepreneurial attitude and experience in life cycle thinking.

“At ttopstart, when we talk about impact we mean
more than just publishing and sharing your scientific
knowledge. With a true lasting impact, we want to see results implemented in healthcare, where it can make a real difference for patients and the system.”


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