Imagine a world 

where better medicines, tools and therapies come to the market faster…. 

… and where life sciences innovations change patients’ lives for the better. ttopstart is here to transform healthcare and life sciences by accelerating the introduction of impactful innovations. 

We dream of a world where…

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…technological possibilities are deployed to improve health and life sciences

A world where winning business models and propositions help launch emerging technologies and insights faster and better.

…research and business leaders are equipped to deliver impact

A world where academia thrives over the increasing demand for impact, and biomedical innovators can strategize over the entire lifecycle of innovation.

…societal policies and market dynamics are instrumental in driving innovation

A world where innovation persists, regardless of the status quo or disparities in the dynamics of healthcare vs. technological innovation.

Innovation will lead to impact only when science is conducted by the right people, for the right market and with the right plan. ttopstart empowers biomedical pioneers to create, innovate and accelerate their ground-breaking ideas.


We co-create new and insight-driven biomedical solutions.

We make the complex simple and position visions and ideas in the right context.


We accelerate transformative change.

By pushing through barriers and designing and implementing winning strategies.


Disruption requires synergy between new technologies and ground-breaking business strategies.

With our detailed understanding of the challenges facing life science innovations, we help you find new ways to realize meaningful impact. 

Let’s transform health and life sciences together!

Whether you are an academic researcher or an entrepreneur, we work with you to take on your challenges and design a strategic roadmap that fits your goals.  We help you find the right funding, develop a smart business plan, manage your project and develop or expand your leadership skills. ttopstart helps you to realise your goals by offering the following services.



Impactful funding

Funding is an important accelerator of science and R&D. We know that getting the right funding can be a challenge. ttopstart aids in building funding strategies and acquiring funds, both dilutive and non-dilutive.

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Smarter strategies for your business

The introduction of healthcare innovations is dependent on numerous stakeholders and complicated by fierce regulations, a long time-to-market, and enormous upfront investments. ttopstart co-creates and develops smarter strategies that grow businesses and achieve transformative change.

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Leading projects for impact

Durable innovation in life sciences and healthcare requires looking beyond the boundaries of a project and effective engagement for impact. At ttopstart, project and programme management start from long-term visions and a helicopter view over the sector to facilitate decisions and devise plans for today.

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Leading the academic transition

Academic research is under stress from a societal push for impact, transition to open science and extreme competition in funding. ttopstart empowers PIs and academic leadership to face these challenges with better strategies, coaching and training.

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Thought Leadership

Our experts and clients love to share their valuable insights about the latest developments in life sciences. We monitor transformative breakthroughs, put them into perspective and highlight the field’s opportunities and challenges.

Clients we work for

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IHI launched two new calls for proposals

IHI has launched two new calls for proposalsOn 27 July 2023, the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) has officially launched the calls 4 & 5. The new calls for proposals features topics on the environmental impacts of healthcare, addressing the use of animals in...

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IPCEI wave 2: new models to deliver healthcare

Interest Survey for IPCEI Health Wave 2 Several EU member states, including the Netherlands, are currently exploring their potential participation in the second funding round, referred to as "wave," of the IPCEI Health initiative.The Netherlands is already part of the...

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Patient involvement: what is next for IHI?

Patient involvement: what is next for IHI? Four insights on the effective implementation of patient involvement practices in IHI projectsInvolving patients has become essential to effectively accelerate development of better and safer medicines and therapies. Multiple...

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Meet the ttopstart team: Delielena Poli

Meet the ttopstart team: Consultant Delielena PoliAt ttopstart we work in an international team of creative innovators. In our series 'Meet the ttopstart team' we introduce you to our colleagues. We interviewed Delielena about her passion for science, love for her job...

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The ttopstart team is happy to answer all your questions on how to create, innovate and accelerate your ground-breaking ideas and discoveries.